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We are currently looking to hire a carpenter with 5-6 years experience and members for our steel erection crew. Job descriptions for both can be found below, please fill the below form out and upload the application. Both positions include 401K match and Individual Health Insurance, you can find a job application here.


Carpenter with 5-6 years experience, detail oriented and willing to work overtime when necessary. These tradesmen build structures and frameworks by following specific blueprints. They utilize wood, metal and other materials, install cabinets and shelves, hang drywall, install molding and trim, and ensure measurements and cuts are accurate, may also perform repair work and install hardware.

Steel Erection

Steel erectors assemble the metal framework of new buildings or structures, by fitting together steel girders and beams. Proper safety equipment is required with this job, you are required to complete 30+ hours of OSHA training yearly. Your work will be carried out at heights on platforms and in machinery of UP TO 40 FEET.

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